What do you do when fear comes knocking?

I began my journey of self-awareness in 2003. It was the year that I made the decision to quit my addiction to gambling. I needed to do something to get my life back on track and becoming more self-aware seemed like a good place to start.

I remember in the early days I thought self-awareness was a place I’d get to, a destination of sorts. Thirteen years on and I’ve realised it’s more like an ever evolving journey filled with lots of unexpected twists and turns. It’s as challenging as it is rewarding and in my humble opinion, a path worthy of your commitment if you want to turn your dreams into your reality.

Some days I feel I’ve got it nailed and other days I feel like I’m on my training wheels. Such is the journey of self-awareness.

Although I’m no longer in the field doing parties, I’m still running a business and there are days when I avoid taking action that I know will move me in the direction of my dreams.


Fear! Yep … like many of you, I have these moments too!

So how do you quickly move through these moments of fear and into action?

You can take a leaf out of Nike’s book and just do it.
You can take a Susan Jeffers stance and feel the fear and do it anyway.

Frankly, both of these are great options and ones that I use frequently. Having said that, if you want to dissolve fear, self-awareness is the key. You see, what I’ve come to learn is that fear is unlikely to be a result of what’s happening in the moment. It’s usually a result of focusing on a future that hasn’t happened yet or a past that has been and gone.

It’s those ‘WHAT IF I do this and this happens’ thoughts’ or ‘LAST TIME I did that and this happened’ thoughts.

Although it’s a little crazy, it’s what we sometimes do in our moments of unawareness.

The great news is, when you can see that your fear is being fuelled by WHAT IF’s and LAST TIMES and there is nothing to fear in the present moment, your fear dissolves and you can spring joyfully back into action.

So now I’d love to learn from you.

How do you dissolve fear and get back into action?

Please share in the comments section below so we may continue to learn and grow together.
Lyndsey xo

What do you do when fear comes knocking?

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  1. What gets me through the fear is being able to say ‘I did it’ afterwards, quite exhilarating & self inspiring to keep going! 😊

  2. I relate to FEAR. Its stops us, like a scared animal, stuck staring into headlights, paralised, not able to move, FEAR of the unknown. Its a continuous journey, of learning to Feel the fear and do it anyway. The tools i have gathered and practiced that help change my mindset, have been essential to me being able to do this – feel the fear and do it anyway. A very big change that has taken place for me in the last 6 months, centres around Belief. Belief in myself, Belief in my business, personal beliefs I may have around different aspects of my business. We continue to be a work in progress…. keep using the tools that help us, stay open to discovering more!

  3. Yep…..this is me……I tend to be a “feel the fear and do it anyway” type of person…..although what you have said above about changing mindset an self-awareness really struck a chord with me…….I agree most of my fears are completely irrational when it comes to my business…….I would love to have some more tools or mechanisms/mantras in place to combat those destructive self sabotaging thoughts! One of the things I have always done is really focus on the positive….the things I can be thankful for…..the things that I already have, the treasure-trove of skills, experience, people, resources that already exist around me……and then I realise that I already know how to be great :)

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