Want To Quit Your Job And Work Your Business Full Time?

Have you ever dreamed of earning enough money in your Party Plan business that you’re able to give up your day job and work your business instead?

Have you wondered what it would feel like to be the primary income earner for your family?  To be in a position where you, your husband or both of you are able to leave your regular jobs and use the income from your business to create the life you’ve always dreamed of?

If you have, then stay tuned because today on Party Plan TV I have the pleasure of chatting with Linda Pearce, Vice President Sales Leader with Norwex, who after 5 short years in her business became the sole income earner for her family.

During our conversation Linda shares her top seven tips for successfully making this transition.  So grab a pen and paper because what Linda shares here is pure gold!

So now I’d love to hear from you.

What has been your greatest takeaway from my conversation with Linda today?  What action are you going to take to steer you toward your dream?

If you have already left your job to work your business full time, what did you do to help you achieve this?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

As always, thanks for watching, listening and sharing.

Until next week.
Happy Partying
Lyndsey xo

Want To Quit Your Job And Work Your Business Full Time?

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  1. Hi Lyndsey – this has been very interesting. I haven’t left my job – I lost it – so I signed up for party plan to help out while I looked for another job! That was two years ago and I have only worked for 4 months during that time outside of party plan. My husband is not supportive of party plan and is constantly pushing me to look for other work. He is a very negative person. However even with applying constantly for jobs I am not even getting interviews, and when I do I don’t get the job! I love my partylite business and would love to make it my main source of income. I would also like for hubby to leave his job (he’s a mechanic too – and hates it!) but he doesn’t believe it is possible. My regional leader’s husband was the same and he is now retired and enjoys going on incentive trips with his wife – so I know it is possible. I am pushing ahead and trying to be as positive as I can. I have now signed up four people and when I get to six I will be a unit leader. I am also a top seller in our district. I am using all the hints I can, watching my self talk, getting expert help wherever and whenever I can, and understand there are obstacles and things go wrong. When they do I push through, forget about them, and take steps to keep moving forward. I am working towards our next incentive trip to Hollywood and Disneyland and truely believe that I am going to achieve it! Thanks for all the information you share and that Linda shared too! Sometimes “life” gets in the way so I am realistic too – and try not to have unrealistic expectations and goals. Then when things go really well or something comes out of the blue (like someone emailing me to join up who I hadn’t even met) it makes it all the more sweet and exciting. Here’s to a huge successful future!! :) :)

  2. It seems really key to “know your purpose”. You can do all the training etc. have all the tools but if you know your purpose it will be easier and make sense. Also point 5 – Don’t look back. This may take courage but I am aiming to do this in the next 12 months. Thanks Lyndsey and Linda.

    1. That’s so exciting Helen! I can see you responded to this video 4 months ago so wondering how you are tracking towarcds achieving this goal? I have to admit things have been a little bumpy since recording this video, there were a few obstacles that I hadn’t realised I would encounter (business getting bigger had to hire an admin assistant type of obstacle – if you can call it that), but still not looking back.

    1. Trudy I was so glad to have the opportunity to share some of my journey and what I’ve found has contributed to me being where I’m at today. I’ve learned that staying plugged into my support network, of which Lydnsey is part of, is very important for me. She is awesome and we are all blessed to be able to benefit from her experience, knowledge and wisdom! Hope all is going well for you in your business.

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