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[divider_bar_wide]divider [/divider_bar_wide]This Video Series Rocked.
I loved it and have shared it with my team!

“This video series rocked! I loved it and shared it with my team! Over the past year I have had some family situations that needed to be dealt with and they caused me to think so negatively about particular people. And I have to say, while that was warranted, it also infected me like a virus. It has also affected my marriage. So I am making a choice, to be the old me! The one that didn’t struggle to hit $65K a year in sales and didn’t struggle to keep her calendar full and didn’t struggle to add 20+ new team members a year. Looking forward to the next one”

Karylyn Lyman … Tastefully Simple

[divider_bar_wide]divider [/divider_bar_wide]This Series Has Given Me So Much Insight 

I just wanted to thank you, Lyndsey. I just started party planning a little over a month ago, so I’m brand new to the whole thing, and this series has given me so much insight into how to be successful with home parties. I’m just starting to put together a booking binder so I have a kind of outline for parties (which I haven’t done any of yet), and these videos have been a fantastic tool to guide me through how to host a party successfully! I can’t wait for the rest of your videos, as these have been amazing. Also, I love the shirts you are always wearing. :) And I loved hearing your story in the first video; hearing stories about people really helps to change them from an anonymous individual into a real life person that you can connect with.

Usborne Jacqueline Hazen

[divider_bar_wide]divider [/divider_bar_wide]I’ll Definitely Be Sharing This Series At My Next Team Meeting

Thank you Lyndsey, you are giving me so many ideas to improve my business. I will definately be sharing your videos at our next Unit Meeting.

Fiona Walsh – Mary Kay

[divider_bar_wide]divider [/divider_bar_wide]Practical Advice

Thank you Lyndsey for sharing your wealth of experience. You have given us some very practical tips to help grow our business. I am looking forward to going away and digesting it all and what I can implement now.

Jenny Hayward – Stampin Up

[divider_bar_wide]divider [/divider_bar_wide]That’s Exactly What I Needed To Hear

This was so helpful. That’s exactly what I needed to hear. I need to change my stories. Thank you so much!

Jill Stover-Palmer