Stay The Distance By Celebrating Your Progress

Its been a hive of activity at our place over the past few days with bob cats whizzing around the yard as workmen prepare to lay our driveways and the cement pad for Jason’s shed. As I watched this unfold, it dawned on me that building a home is much like building a business. It starts with a vision and with your commitment to take daily action in alignment with that vision, eventually becomes your reality. It rarely all comes together at once.

As a result it’s easy to become impatient and disillusioned especially if progress is slower than you had initially envisaged.

I’ve learned that celebrating each little milestone along the way, is such an important part in the process of bringing your vision to life.   When you stop to notice where you are and how far you’ve come, you feel a sense of progress. Its a joyous feeling and one that so many people miss experiencing when they wait until the end result has been achieved to celebrate.  Celebrating your progress is good for the soul and helps to keep you engaged by reigniting your commitment to the journey.

Today my family and I are taking a moment to pause and celebrate our progress. We’d love for you to join in the fun and take a moment to pause and celebrate too.

So I’m curious …
What vision have you set for your business or for an area in your life that you are progressing toward?

Please share in the comments section below so we can celebrate your progress with you.

Love and Gratitude
Lyndsey xo


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Stay The Distance By Celebrating Your Progress

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  1. Love this Lyndsey!… we’re also updating our house/property and I notice that my husband can get quite impatient and disillusioned by the time (and money) it takes to do everything we want but I believe we need to celebrate each little accomplishment… probably more that what we’re doing now. Thanks for the reminder!

    I can see how this can relate to my business too and have recently begun celebrating different milestones & achievements. The Vision for my business is to create a respected, successful and profitable business where I can enhance the lives of others through sharing the Nature Direct message and Business Opportunity. To grow an Australian-wide team that I can support and help to achieve their goals. To do this consistently all while maintaining a balanced life.

    I’m 2 years into a 5 year goal that I’ve set for my business and things are going along really well.

    1. Pleased it hit the spot for you today Trudy. We’ve been in our home for 3 years now and like my business, its a work that is constantly in progress. So happy to hear that your vision for your business is coming to life in the way that you have envisaged. Its an awesome feeling isn’t it!

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