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Natural Gift Assessment + Report – Value $97
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You Are Gifted MP3 + Transcript (PDF) This 60 minute MP3 + Transcript contains information on all 26 Natural Gifts.  This ensures you have an insight into the Natural Gifts which do not appear in your Gift Cluster enabling you to relate more effectively with people you do not fully understand. $  47
Natural Gift Cluster Stories – 6 x MP3’s + 6 x PDF’sUnderstanding how your Natural Gifts work together, otherwise known as your  “Natural Gifts Cluster”,  is the key to really making the most of your Natural Gifts.  These Gift Cluster stories are designed to provide with you an insight into how you can overcome booking, recruiting and sales challenges using your Natural Gifts.  These are real life stories from some of the hundreds of Direct Sellers who have had one on one coaching calls with Lyndsey over the past few months to  gain a deeper understanding of their Natural Gifts and Talents.  Each of the stories has been shared with permission from individuals.  Names  have been withheld in order to maintain privacy. $197
Exclusive Access To Gifted Direct Sellers – Secret Facebook GroupBecome part of a vibrant community of Gifted Direct Sellers who are committed to learning more about their Natural Gifts in order to grow a profitable Direct Sales business.  Got a question?  Get feedback from Lyndsey directly by posting your questions in the group comments section.  Got a challenge you need to overcome?  Draw on the collective experience of the group as they share their secrets for success.  This is an active community that is committed to helping you achieve the success you want. $197
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Doing my Natural Gift Assessment with Lyndsey has been the most valuable piece of information I’ve used in my business all year. Learning about my unique gifts and in particular doing the one-on-one call with Lyndsey regarding my Gift Clusters, has given me a filter with which to run my entire business. Decision making and business marketing has become very easy . . . I now just see if something lines up with my Gifts.  Thank you Lyndsey for this invaluable tool!
Dana Wilde – The Mind Aware


As a result of Lyndsey’s Natural Gift Assessment we’ve been given an amazing insight into exactly how we can support our team to experience the success they deserve in their business.  Struggle has been replaced by success with bookings, sales and sponsoring across the entire company hitting an all time high.As a company Trainer its so moving to hear the pure excitement in people’s voices when they understand “they are gifted”.  The belief that they can finally achieve their goals and dreams by embracing their Natural Gifts and being themselves is like nothing we have every experienced.  Thank you Lyndsey for this amazing gift!
Karla Hart – Nature Direct, Master Distributor


Receiving my Gifts was like opening the most beautifully wrapped Christmas present.  Learning my Gifts has made so much sense to me.  I understand why I am comfortable in certains areas of my life and business and why I struggle with other areas.  I feel so incredibly empowered.Knowing my Gifts,  has given me the confidence to travel in the direction my strengths take me.  Lyndsey has given me clear direction on how to use them to help others who may not have the same Gifts as me.  I now know the decisions I have made recently in my business are so right for me.  I am so excited and focused and know in my heart I am going to succeed.Thank you Lyndsey!
Annie Barnes – ESM Nutrimetics


I didn’t even know I wanted or needed a Gift Assessment! Now that I’ve had one with Lyndsey, I wonder how I could have missed this integral and beautiful piece of my self-awareness and life purpose journey. It is vital!   How do we go out in the world, shine brightly and make a difference unless we know and understand our true gifts?  I love Lyndsey’s definition of gifts; she calls them “unconscious brilliance.” That clarifies why we naturally do some things with passion and ease and others with struggle … the Gift Assessment process brings out that brilliance. It gives us clarity, direction and inspiration.It’s one thing to believe we are gifted in a certain area … it’s amazing to have our belief reaffirmed by a talented, intuitive, caring professional.  Thank you, Lyndsey!  Susan Ilde-Pederson – Choose Joy Today


Having the opportunity to really understand my Natural Gifts has been an invaluable experience. I was immediately able to apply some of the practical ideas I learned and feel that I am now connecting with my Team, Hosts and guests so much better as a result. I am excited to continue the ideas I’ve learned and so grateful for the opportunity to better understand myself as a business woman. Thanks for the opportunity for growth Lyndsey.Melanie Hood – Team Leader – Nature Direct


My first encounter with Lyndsey was with a Natural Gift Assessment and I was blown away.  During my phone consultation she was so great to talk to.  I felt like she completely understood me!  I was so excited about my gifts and finally felt like I understood what I was supposed to do with my life that I bought my husband a Natural Gift Assessment.  Now my husband is not the type to do these things but he did it because I asked him to and it was life changing as well for him.  He was so excited and all he could talk about was Lyndsey and what she said about him and his gifts.  I would highly recommend doing this Natural Gift Assessment for anyone and everyone you know.  Lyndsey is AMAZING at what she does and I promise you will not be disappointed.  Learning your Natural Gifts cuts down on so much wondering what you are supposed to do and how you are supposed to do it!!  I will buy one for my whole family!!
Jen Fitzgerald – The Client Angel