Are you concerned about being perceived as pushy?

Whether you like to think of yourself as a pushy sales person or not … chances are you’ve already been one.

I know this thought may cause you to squirm a little BUT I can share from personal experience it’s true … at least for me anyway!

It’s been my observation that as humans we’re constantly selling.

I don’t mean in a business sense where a product or service is exchanged for money.

I mean … we’re selling our ideas, beliefs, thoughts, dreams and choices in general conversations we have with people every day.

Sometimes we do it gracefully and elegantly … I’m thinking Grace Kelly here … and sometimes we’re down right pushy as we strive to sell our message.

Here’s what I’m talking about …

Has there ever been a time, when you, or someone you know, has lost their cool while selling an idea or concept to a child.

Maybe it’s happened at dinner time when the kids have refused to eat the beautiful meal you’ve spent hours preparing.

Maybe it’s happened when they’ve come home from school and left their bag at the front door … that’s when Grace sometimes leaves me and the pushy saleswoman infiltrates my body.

Or maybe it’s happened as you do your best to sell the importance of doing homework!

Can you relate?

What about with your spouse or partner …

Have you ever been selling your ideas on the best house, holiday destination or car to buy. You’ve struggled to get your message across and as a result you’ve become a little pushy?

What about how you both spend money in general?

I know for some people that’s a conversation where things can get a little heated as both parties go head to head selling what they believe to be the best plan.

You may even notice that objections arise in these types of conversation too?

But we’ll save discussing that topic for another day.

Personally …

I believe the energy that flows through your body when you’re PASSIONATE about what you do can sometimes be mistaken by others as being PUSHY.

So accept that it some people may perceive you as being pushy. You have no control over what other people think … so don’t waste your precious energy trying to control it.

Got any thoughts on the topic?

I’d love to hear them so that we may continue to learn and grow to share together … so be sure to share them in the comments section below.

Lyndsey xo

Are you concerned about being perceived as pushy?

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  1. I think pushy can come when you aren’t listening to the customer. You may have an agenda they don’t know about (or care about) – making a sales target or booking a party or building a team. If you are viewing the person as a solution to your agenda, you can come across as pushy. When you are passionate AND listening then the “pushy” might not happen.

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