Exclusive Coaching Opportunity
To Help You Discover Your Natural Gifts And Talents
And Create A Personalised Plan For Your Party Plan Success

LyndseyBaigentHeadShotIf I was able to create the perfect world In Party Plan …

I’d make it compulsory for everyone to discover their Natural Gifts and Talents.  The reason is simple.   They are the very core of who you are and what you are here to contribute to the world.

What makes us different from each other are our unique Natural Gifts and Talents and the way we choose to share them with the world.   It is discovering your Natural Gifts and Talents that is your secret to success not just in business but in life as well.

What frustrates me the most is …

woman-confusedEvery day I see so many Party Planners, just like you, invest time and money starting their Party Plan business only to be disappointed with the results.  Your dreams of creating this amazing lifestyle for you and your family come crumbling down within weeks of your Party Plan journey beginning.

It saddens me to see so many Party Planners struggle unnecessarily to make their businesses work.  Every day they try desperately to implement strategies that work for others, then beat themselves up when the same strategies don’t work for them!!

It frustrates me because I know it doesn’t have to be that way for you!

I don’t mean to be a Party Pooper here but unless we start to do some things differently the struggle so many Party Planners experience will continue.  If you are willing to take action, I’d be honoured to help end your struggle!!

During Your Coaching Call With Me I’ll Help You To   …

  • CREATE A PERSONALISED PLAN FOR YOUR SUCCESS … and if you’re prepared to implement it, get all the bookings, sales and team members you want in your business.  I guarantee it!!
  • GET CLEAR ON EXACTLY WHAT ACTION TO TAKE … and what action not to take because you’ll know what naturally works for you and what doesn’t.
  • BECOME INSPIRED TO STEP OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS  … because you will feel confident and self assured in your ability to make your business work.

And as a result of our call together you’ll …

  • TURN YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY FASTER AND MORE EASILY  … because your action plan will be in alignment with who you really are.  You’ll be working with YOUR strengths, implementing strategies that are naturally easy for YOU instead of doing what works for someone else.
  • EXPERIENCE MORE FUN ALONG THE WAY … because the internal struggle that comes from trying to be someone else will be gone.  Every day you get to be YOU knowing that its exactly who you are here to be.
  • MAKE MORE MONEY – easy to do when you are doing more of what works for you and less of what doesn’t!!

I truly believe with all of my heart …

You have what it takes to grow a profitable Party Plan business and create the lifestyle you dream of for you and your family.    It all starts with understanding your Natural Gifts and Talents and creating a plan of action in alignment with them.

Marianne Williamson says …Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  

I believe she’s right!!  You are powerful beyond measure and if you want your business to be successful its time to shine your light for the world to see.

I want to help you re-discover the spark within, unleash your inner brilliance and create the business and life of your dreams. 

Here’s What People Have Said About Their Coaching Call With Me  …

“The most valuable piece of information I’ve used in my business all year”

Dana Wilde The Mind Aware

Dana Wilde
The Mind Aware

Getting to understand my Natural Gifts and Talents has been the most valuable piece of information I’ve used in my business all year.

Learning about my unique gifts and in particular doing the one-on-one call with Lyndsey regarding my Natural Gift Clusters, has given me a filter with which to run my entire business.

Decision making and business marketing has become very easy . . . I now just see if something lines up with my Gifts.

Thank you Lyndsey for this invaluable tool!

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“What transpired wouldn’t have happened without your gentle probing
your genuine compassion and your generosity of spirit”

Nutrimetics Sales Director

Sales Director

Lyndsey thank you sincerely for my Private Coaching Appointment with you last month that transpired after taking your online Quiz to discover my Natural Gifts and Talents. What transpired wouldn’t have happened without your gentle probing, your genuine compassion & your generosity of spirit.

Thank you for your sensitive support through the process of learning how to self reflect & why its important, how to question myself to connect to my feelings & how to create the best version of myself on a daily basis.

Lyndsey thank you also for the enormous contribution you are to the entire Direct Selling community with the many facets of the work you continue to do which supports all of us in expanding ourselves & our businesses

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“She gave me clear direction – I feel so incredibly empowered”

Annie Barnes ESM - Nutrimetics

Annie Barnes
ESM – Nutrimetics

Discovering my Natural Gifts was like opening the most beautifully wrapped Christmas present.  Learning how to use them in my business just made so much sense to me.  I now understand why I am comfortable in certains areas of my life and business and why I struggle with other areas.

During my Coaching Call with Lyndsey she gave me clear direction on how to use my Natural Gifts to grow my business in a way that will work for me.  Making decisions about what to do and what not to do is now so easy.

I’m feeling excited and focused, knowing in my heart I am going to succeed.

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What can I expect on the call …

In preparation for your call, you’ll be required to complete my Natural Gift Quiz found on www.MyWhyFinder.com.  This allows me to see your natural pathway for success and will form the foundation of our call and your personal action plan.  You’ll also be required to complete a questionnaire filling me in on the basics of where you are in your business.  This ensures I don’t need to spend our valuable coaching time getting a basic understanding of where you are in your business.  All that is done ahead of time so you get the most benefit from our time together.

During your coaching call,  I’ll take you through a unique process, that I’ve personally developed, that will give you clarity on what will naturally work for you in your business and what won’t.  I’ll also shine a light on the areas of personal growth that may require your attention so you can achieve your goals more quickly.  This call with be packed with “aha moments’, so to make sure you don’t miss anything the call will be recorded so you can listen to it as often as you choose.

How much does it cost …

Its not very often these days I’m able to offer personal coaching, in fact due to my speaking commitments,  I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to make this offer available.  So if it’s sparked your interest I encourage you to grab it while you can.

I charge $297.00 for a 60 minute coaching call,  yet my passion for helping you right now is so strong that if you take action now you can enjoy a 60 minute session with me for just $147.00.  Crazy I know but its Christmas and I genuinely want to help you!!

Not only that, I’m also going to throw in a couple of very cool bonuses for you as well, to make sure you really understand your Natural Gifts and Talents and know how to use them to create your plan for success.

Remember … You Are Powerful Beyond Measure.  When you know how to unleash your inner brilliance you will become unstoppable!!

Here’s what you get …


My Natural Gifts Cards – Tangible Product – Value $20

These are a brilliant tool enabling you to visually see your Natural Gifts laid out in front of you.  Each card highlights the essence of the Gift, the contribution you make as a result of them and the growth opportunities that present to you.  We’ll ship these directly to you, as we’ll be using these during our one on one call together.

Your Gifted Brilliance – Digital Product Available Online  – Value $47

These products are all hosted online.  Access is granted through a personalised username and password details of which you receive immediately after placing your order.

young women in learning a program on laptoThe information comprises of …

  • Access to 12 STRUGGLE TO SUCCESS case studies – of people I’ve personalised mentored using their Natural Gifts and Talents as a foundation for creating their personalised plan for success.   These are made available to you both in PDF and MP3 formats.
  • You Are Gifted – 1 x 60 minute MP3 – explaining each of the 26 Natural Gifts in detail highlighting both the contribution and growth components of each.
  • Transcript of You Are Gifted MP3
  • The Top Natural Gifts For Party Planners (video and mp3) – this has been derived from statistics generated as a result of more than 6000 Party Planners having taken My Natural Gift Quiz.  Here you’ll learn deeper insights into the growth and contribution components of these Gifts PLUS specific activities in business that will work in natural alignment with them.
  • How To Coach Others – If you’re a leader then you’ll love the template I’ve created for you guiding you as to how you can help your team create a personalised plan for their success too.

LyndseyBaigentHeadShotPersonal Coaching Call – An Experience You Won’t Forget – Value $297

1 x 60 minute coaching call with me + link to replay + email access for 7 days following your call.

During the call we will create a PERSONALISED PLAN for your success together.    A plan that if you choose to action will enable you to create a profitable Party Plan business you LOVE!!

At the conclusion of the call you will also receive a link giving you access to a recording of the call. This ensures you don’t miss anything and can listen to the call as often as you choose.

Not only that – you’ll also get the opportunity to enjoy email contact with me for 7 days following your coaching call.  That way if you need further clarification on anything we’ve talked about in your call you can get it.

Today You Can Save Over $200
And Have Everything For A
One Time Investment of just $147.00

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Right now I want you to commit to you …

Because life’s too short to accept anything less than what’s rightfully yours and possible, when you truly understand your REAL potential.

You’ll get amazing value from our call together and from the wonderful bonuses you’ll receive as well.  I’m so excited for you, because you’re willing to take action, you’re about to go on an amazing adventure of discovering your true brilliance.

It starts immediately …

As soon as complete the ordering process, you’ll be sent an email giving you access to the online information giving you deeper insights into your Natural Gifts and Talents and the link you need to book your personal coaching call with me.  Your beautiful Natural Gift Cards will be automatically shipped to you within 2 working days of you saying YES to this offer.

Just wait five minutes and then check your email inbox.  Be sure to also check your Spam box, because over keen ISP filters sometimes catch emails with the best of intentions.

Your dreams can be your reality.  Decide to make them so!

I look forward to supporting you to step into your brilliance and turn your dreams into reality.   You can be assured I’ll be there to cheer you on, every step of the way.

With Love and Gratitude
Lyndsey Baigent
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