Two years ago I made the decision to launch an online TV show designed to support Party Planners create a profitable business they love.

Every week I’d think of topics to cover and people I’d like to interview on the show and note them down in a book.  I worked on learning more about the internet, websites, blogs, videos anything I could think of that would ensure that the show was a great success.

Then the other day, while I was checking out an episode of a super cool online TV show I love to tune into, I heard myself say, “When I work out how to create a set like that, then I’ll be ready to go”.

In that moment I realised that my need for perfection and comparing myself to others was getting in the way of me launching the show.

Have you ever done that?

Truly I thought I was through with this perfectionism s*** but obviously not!!

So after a little bit of soul searching I was able to move myself from being completely stuck for more than 2 years and into action.

The result – within 3 days Party Plan TV was live…woohoo!!

So if your need for perfection is stopping you from taking action, I encourage you to tune into this weeks episode of Party Plan TV.

Don’t know about you, but I always find value in learning from others when they share in a loving and respectful way.  So I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever found yourself stuck as a result of your need for perfection?  If so what did you do to get yourself to take action?

Thanks for sharing … I appreciate you!

Lyndsey xo

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  1. I love Lindsey’s comment; “Get Out of Our Own Way”!! :-)… We are all so blessed with so many giftts. ” My Why” reminded me of how important it is to share those gifts with others with fellow Consultants, our Clients, and Perspective Clients. Not to tell them our gifts, of course, but to use those gifts to reach out to those people.This can grow our Business as well as support one another as fellow Consultants.Perhaps what may hold some of us back is we’re not sure of the words to say or actions to take to make this happen

    .I want to grow my Jafra Business, but have such a hard time getting Clients; and especially getting someone to book a party. Like I said;;;the effective words to use to encourage perspective clients.

    Thank you. :-)

  2. So proud that you have taken yet another amazing step forward , your love and compassion for others to succeed is inspiring …

  3. Hi lyndsey. I have been stuck for a while. I was just discussing this with my husband. I’ve come at a cross road. I am Wanting now to start having another baby. My husband has been waiting and eger to have another one for a long time. But I just wasn’t ready. But now I’ve come to that stage to start. However I am in the party plan business and they say its flexible work around your family ect. But my trouble is getting organised with the party plan and organising it. How am I going to get unstuck to do both. Because I know it can be done. I feel confused, and angry at myself that I haven’t been able to maintain a consistency with this business. Help. Thanks.

    1. Nicole this is something that many people struggle with so firstly be assured you are not on your own. We often hold an image in our minds of who we think we should be as a business woman, a mother, a wife, a friend. Its an image we create unconsciously and is usually a result of conditioning, who we’ve been told we need to be and as a result of us comparing ourselves to others. My first suggestion is make the choice to be kind to yourself. Beating yourself up will only make you more angry and confused neither of which will support you to find your answers. Take time to check in with yourself and get clear on why you want your business to work. Accept that you are not naturally organised. Your internal conflict is likely to be stemming from your desire to be someone other than who you are. When you accept who you are the inner conflict ceases. Like you I find organisation difficult. Its not a natural things for me to be structured and organised. I know there is a place for it in my business, so I have people in my team who bring organisation to my business. I know there is a place for it in my home life so my husband brings organisation to our family. Who do you have in your circle of influence who is naturally organised that could support you to create systems that are simple and easy for you to follow? Don’t make yourself wrong for what you don’t have. Instead celebrate the natural gifts and talents you have that make you uniquely you xo

  4. LOVE it!! Thank you so much, Lyndsey. I could really relate to what you shared. Hearing you share about bringing attention to where our focus is was huge for me. That changes everything. When I get stuck, it’s always because I’m thinking about myself. When I shift my focus to the other person beautiful things happen. Thanks again, Lyndsey!

  5. Excellent 1st installment!! Best reminder…acknowledge and celebrate our baby steps! Sometimes our own uplines may not do that for us especially if we have gotten off course and are not high producers. Thank you for this video and all to come for those of us fighting to figure out how to position our businesses to continually provide us with financial options and great “human connection” services for our clients.

    1. Thanks Carmellita. Acknowledging and celebrating our baby steps is something we all need a reminder about sometimes. Choosing to give this gift to ourselves means we can receive it any time we choose.

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