During this sixty minute webinar you’ll learn …

  • How to increase the money you make at each of your parties.  

    In this section I share with you three key ways you can increase your party profits.  One of these strategies is VERY CREATIVE and  is sure to make you more money if you take action.  This one strategy alone enabled me to make thousands of dollars worth of additional sales in the lead up to Christmas.   One phone call alone generated an additional $1200 worth of sales within 24 hours of the party and was all generated through guest referrals.   Its easy, effective and very profitable!!

  • How to make money in the lead up to Christmas even if you have no bookings in your calendar.

    Presenting your products through parties is not the only way to make money in the lead up to Christmas.  With the majority of people choosing to buy Christmas presents for their friends and family at this time of year there is always a way for you to get a slice of the Christmas action if you know how and are prepared to take action.

  • How reduce postponements and cancellations

    This is the time of the year when postponements can come thick and fast if you’re not careful.   With so many people vying for the time slot you have scheduled with your host to enjoy the Christmas festivities you’ve got to be on the ball if you want your parties to stick.  So in this segment I’ll share three key points to remember when coaching your host that will ensure you keep postponement to a minimum.

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I trust you’ll find it of value.

Lyndsey xo