Action Alone Won’t Fill Your Calendar

Do you feel as though you’ve taken a tonne of action in your Party Plan business, you’ve implemented what you’ve been taught at your company trainings, put into practice what you’ve heard on tele-seminars, read in books and seen on webinars but you still can’t seem to end your struggle for bookings?

Having worked in the field as a Party Plan Consultant myself, I know there’s nothing more frustrating than taking a tonne of action in your business and not getting the results you want, especially when you see people around you doing the same stuff and making it work!

I’ve been there and I know it sucks big time!

Here’s the thing …

In Party Plan we’re taught that action is the key to our success.  But I’ve gotta say – I’m not so sure.

If I had a dollar for every time someone had come to me over the years and said “I’ve done everything that my upline has told me to do or I’ve done everything that I’ve been taught at  my company training but I still can’t get any bookings” – I’d be a squillionaire!

As a result I’ve come to appreciate that whilst action is definitely an important aspect of your business, action alone won’t fill your calendar.

So if action alone won’t fill your calendar – the question then becomes what will?

All is revealed on this weeks episode of Party Plan TV.

So I’m curious …

When do you notice a little Party Pooper energy showing up in your business or life?

Is there a particular story you keep telling yourself that triggers Party Pooper energy in you?

When you notice yourself in the grips of Party Pooper energy what do you do to shake it off.

As always, we love to hear your comments, so feel free to share in the section below.

Until next time – happy partying
Lyndsey xo

Action Alone Won’t Fill Your Calendar

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    1. So pleased it hit the mark for you Melanie and his given you a new approach with your team members.

    1. Good on you for recognising that the Party Pooper has been around a little too long at your house. You can make changes when you give yourself permission to see what is holding you back. Love your work!!

  1. Awesome Video Lyndsey… I think it’s great to be reminded again about how our thought’s can affect our actions. Getting into the ‘Party Queen’ mood is instrumental to my success in my business! Thanks!

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