Is It True: Bookings Are The Foundation Of Your Business?

Have you ever heard someone say …

“Bookings are the foundation of your business in Party Plan?

When I was working as a Consultant I heard this saying and many more  like it being shared often.  I’m sure I’ve even said it myself without really considering the consequences.

Then about 6 months ago,  I began to really question what we have become conditioned to believe as truth within the Party Plan industry.

What I’ve come to realise is …

Believing that bookings are the foundation of your business OR bookings are the lifeblood of your business OR without bookings you have no business does nothing more than create a sense of desperation and fear causing you to struggle even more to get bookings!

Curious to know why … check out this week’s episode of Party Plan TV.

Sharing our experiences with love and respect supports us all to grow collectively.

So I’m curious …

What do you do each day to build yourself up to ensure your confidence, self esteem and belief in yourself continues to grow.

As always, I appreciate you watching, reading and listening.

With Gratitude
Lyndsey xo

Is It True: Bookings Are The Foundation Of Your Business?

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  1. Hi Lindsay, this is a very interesting concept and one that I know I need to do and become comfortable in doing it. I grew up in a family that seemed very concerned with the concept that if you were praised for something or good at something then you might “get a big head” and be “on yourself” and so everything was “played down”, if that makes sense. Consequently now looking back I realize that a lot of my mistakes in life came about because of my “low self esteem”. I have learnt to give my children plenty of praise and endeavour to build their self esteem daily but I also need to give myself permission to accept praise from others and also from me. Whenever my partner praises my achievements or comments on how nice I look I feel very uncomfortable with his compliments.. I need to accept his praise and give myself more praise, not only with my business but in all facets of my life.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks babe for building me up. I have been feeling depressed about lack of parties. now I have more confidence to just share what I love. I think this site is awesome.

  3. Exactly what I needed to hear!

    I’m heading off to the last booking in my diary this weekend and have really been struggling to get those next dates. It is amazing what a difference a positive mindset can make. Thanks for the reminder to stay positive and not let outside circumstances determine my self opinion.

    You asked us to share our own tips:
    I like to start the day affirming myself with truths about myself and worth too.

    On the way to parties I usually sing in the car to arrive happy, bright and positive. :)

    Before approaching people to date parties, whether face to face or on the phone, I do some self talk to remind myself that a ‘No Thankyou’ (or even being hung up on) is not a reflection on me, my worth, my capabilities or my success, it just means it’s not right for them right now.

    Thanks Lyndsey :)

    Jess Hancock,
    Tupperware Demonstrator

    1. Thanks for sharing your tips Jess I love these. Next time I pull up at the traffic lights and see someone singing in the car next to me I’ll be wondering if its you!!

  4. Practicing my faith and knowing that we are more than enough to do whatever we want that is good with gratitute, love and kindness. Giving thanks for all we have and do. Striving for good and striving for self improvement daily and to help others always. Thanks Lyndsey for your TV video clips. Love your contribution.

  5. Awesome video Lyndsey!! ..thank-you so much. It is a struggle to achieve and maintain the magic ten bookings in my diary at all times…and I do feel I must be doing something wrong or am failing in some way. So to shift the focus on building ourselves up is a great concept! One of my rituals is an early morning jog on the beach with my’s easy to be grateful for all that I have and the people that inspire and lead me. I use journals too where I write and draw my own stuff as well cut out and glue in pictures and words from articles I read. I’ll start my new self validating habits tomorrow morning! :-) Jane

    1. Love the sound of your morning rituals Jane. Makes a huge difference when you start your day from a place of gratitude. Good for you <3

  6. Thanks so much Lyndsey for the positive and energetic episode you provided this week. I don’t have any rituals at all in the morning but am grateful to you for sharing yours and will start today with this positive and soul enriching routine. Can’t wait to share with my team and my family….Cheers Michaela

    1. So pleased this video resonated with you Michaela. I’d love to hear what morning rituals you choose to implement for yourself xo

  7. I find that to ensure my self confidence each day , I need to spend time on my makeup, hair and dress that way I can come out to face the day with my motto ” Keep Smiling and Keep Shining “

  8. So true, Lyndsey!!! My rituals (and I have taught them to my kids too) are to say 3 things you love about yourself every morning upon waking and to say 3 things you are grateful for just before bed. I also say positive mantras throughout the day and have a journal I write in every night (Dana’s 10 MMBBT from her Train Your Brain program). One of my favorite mantras is the one you helped me create in Dallas last year: I choose progress over perfection. Thank you for all you do! I will definitely be sharing this with my team. XOXOXO =)

    1. So pleased you found this weeks episode of Party Plan TV of value Monica. Great to hear you are still embracing your personal intention statement – I choose progress over perfection. Its one of my favourites xo

  9. Lyndsey, this is a great video. Thank you and yes I will forward it on to my team. You are so right, our business is who we are and not how many bookings we have. Setting the intention each day for how you are going to show up in your business and self talk is something we need to do every day. You have put this out there so clearly and I am sure it is going to help so many people. The direct sales industry can be testing at times but it is all about personal growth and the business growth happens also.

    1. Thanks for your kind feedback Moana and for choosing to share this with your team. Direct Sales can certainly be testing at times. The more we embrace our personal growth the stronger we become and the stronger our businesses become. Hugs to you xo

  10. OMG Lyndsey what a concept!!! I’ve heard myself say that very line time and time again, and you are so SO right – it doesn’t make us (our our consultants!) feel empowered or positive – it adds stress and anxiety, self-doubt, comparison and a feeling of not good enough! We ARE the Life Line of our businesses – what an empowering belief that is!!
    If our thoughts generate energy and our energy is reflected in our activity and our actions, then a positive story about US being in control and the foundation of our businesses will absolutely serve us!
    You are so wise – how blessed we are to have you!
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. Always love your enthusiasm Bree…I can feel your “aha” jumping off the page. The concept is certainly an interesting one and one that is a little different to what so many in Party Plan are conditioned to believe. A change in our thinking evokes a change in every aspect of our business and life. Look forward to hearing how the application of this concept impacts you and your team. Hugs to you xo

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