If You Struggle With Consistency – Watch This


Have you ever sent a newsletter to your customers for a short period and then for whatever reason found it all too difficult to continue and stopped?

Have you ever started a Facebook page or group, had big plans on being a regular source of inspiration to your customers or team, only to find yourself struggling to make a post once a week let alone every day.

What about a blog, have you ever started a blog to share tips and hints for your customers or perhaps for you team then shelved it after only a few weeks?

If you have don’t sweat it, you are definitely not on your own.    In fact the very reason I’m having to relaunch the show is because I failed big time when it came to consistency.  Whilst it didn’t feel too good at the time, the lessons were priceless and are the focus of this week’s episode of the show.

So now I’m curious  –

Have you ever started something in your Party Plan business with all good intentions and struggled to follow through?

Whether it’s been a monthly newsletter, making customers calls or sharing information with your team on Facebook, I’m keen to hear your experience.

What have you started, as a means to stay connected with your customers then failed to follow through on.

What have you done get yourself back into action?

How are you going to use what has been shared in this weeks episode of the show to get your butt back into gear.

As always, we love to hear your comments, so be sure to share in the section below.

Until next time – happy partying
Lyndsey xo


If You Struggle With Consistency – Watch This

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  1. You always get me reved up Lyndsey. Thank you. Oh yes I’ve started a few things and not followed through. Regular workshops. Monthly newsletters. I suppose when things are successful it is easy to keep them going. When there is a lack of response things tend to fall by the wayside. I am a big one for positive feed back. I thrive on it. When I receive a positive response I am able to continue with the project. Sometimes my persistence levels drop when I get no response or very little response. That’s why I love the idea of the one on one appointments because this takes the pressure off some how and reminds me that having huge numbers at events is not so important. It’s the persistence and doing something to increase my levels of enthusiasm.

    1. You’re spot on Lucy – when we get positive results from the word go its always so much easier to keep going. Interesting thing is our results are based on our perceptions and stories more than anything else. i.e. – ten people turned up to my workshop – we tell ourself that means it was a success; 3 people turned up that means we tell ourself it was not such a success. Gotta love our humanness :)

  2. Awesome viewing Lyndsey… thanks again!

    I started doing a weekly newsletter to my team a few years ago but after a few weeks realised that I couldn’t commit to it that regularly. I now do a monthly newsletter which has been great.

    I find that a lot of the things I set up, whether facebook posts (I do lots at a time and then have them scheduled), newsletters to teams or newsletters to my customers I often do before my ‘office hours’. For me that’s between 5.30am-7.00am (while the kids are asleep). That way I can spend time during my office hours contacting my customers.

    I’ve noticed over the last few years that in order for me to be consistent I must make each of my business practices a PRIORITY. This is where things have changed regarding customer calls… a while back I didn’t ‘get around’ to doing them as I didn’t make them a priority. Since I changed my view of Customer Calls and have made them a priority I have been much more consistent… great for my customers and great for me!!

    1. I so resonate with your comment, in order for you to be consistent, you need to make each of our business practices a priority and actually see the value in them. Its the difference between them being scheduled and not. Thanks for your great insights here – I’m sure they will be of value to many within our community :)

  3. I think we’ve all been guilty of this at some stage!

    I tried to start team meeting last year with no success. Tried again this year and have managed to hold a couple, even though only a few people are coming. Set the dates and have tried to stick to them (had to move 1).

    Also tried a team newsletter but haven’t been good at keeping it up. I do use my team facebook group a bit though, but I need to remember that not all my team uses facebook all the time like I do!

    I’d also like to give more product knowledge info on my customer facebook page, and I think you’re right… I need to set a block of time and plan them all out, then schedule the posts to happen every few days, or each week, etc.

    Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Thanks for sharing Julie. I held regular team meetings when I first moved to Brisbane and sometimes it would just be me there. I kept holding the meetings and over time the numbers grew. Being consistent really pays off. Scheduling time to get everything in order and set is certainty very helpful :)

  4. Thanks so much for the video Lyndsey! Yes! Consistency has definitely been a problem for me! Good intentions and lacking in follow through!! Yep! That’s me! Thanks for the kick in the butt and reminding me to not give up!
    To get back on track with my Facebook posting and my customer care calls, I will schedule blocks of time into my calendar–actually WRITING it on my calendar as I do with my client appointments.
    So glad you’re doing these videos again!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Nelda, so pleased you are glad these videos are available once again. Scheduling blocks of time is the way to go :)

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