How To Minimise Cancellations And Postponements

Are cancellations and postponements getting you down?

Are you missing out on achieving your goals and dreams because your parties don’t hold?

Having worked in the field for many years myself I understand the emotional roller coaster ride you experience when you get party bookings in your calendar or diary only to lose them days or sometimes hours before they are due to go ahead.  Not only does it play havoc with you achieving your goals, it impacts your family’s cash flow and messes with your confidence.

If you want to minimize cancellations and postponements it’s important to remember that people are constantly making choices on how to spend their time.  A host may book a party with you today for a certain date and then a few days later a friend may invite them over for dinner on the exact same day.  Whether they decide to hold their party date with you or go to their friend’s house for dinner is determined by what they believe will add the most value to their lives.  If you fail to position your product called “The Party Experience” as something of value  to your host, then you can expect lots of postponements and cancellations.

Here’s my top three tips on how you can reduce your postponements and cancellations and get more parties to stick.

Step #1 – Find Out Why Your Host Has Booked

When you know why your host has chosen to book a party, you can offer gentle reminders along the way to keep them engaged and enthusiastic about holding their party.

There are usually five key reasons that people choose to book a party.

#1 – They love your products and want to get them free or at a discount
#2 – They want to help their friend maximize the host rewards
#3 – They want to have some fun with their friends
#4 – They love your message and want to share it with others
#5 – They love you and want to help you grow your business

Step #2 – Keep Your Hosts Enthusiasm Alive

When you know why your host has booked you can keep their enthusiasm alive by reminding them why holding their party is important to them.  Organising a party can be an emotional roller coaster for many people. When they initially book they are usually excited. Then as they start inviting people to come along, they may get a few knock backs and their enthusiasm can start to wane. It’s up to you to keep the fire in their bellies burning if you want the party to hold.

Step #3 – Stay In Touch With Your Host

Just because someone has booked a party, doesn’t mean they are completely sold on holding it.  Its said that people need to hear your marketing message seven times before they become fully committed to buying from you.  Having an effective host coaching system in place enables you to continue marketing the benefits of hosting a party to your host, dramatically increasing the number of parties that stick!

Will people cancel if they book more than 2 weeks out?

I’m a big fan of booking in close because it helps to build momentum in your business.  If you’re a relatively new Consultant, it will also make the process of keeping your host excited about holding their party a little easier for you.  Having said that, if you have a busy calendar booking further out doesn’t mean people will lose interest and postpone or cancel their parties.  I had more than 80 parties in my calendar at any one time and few moved.  Why?   Because I followed Steps 1-3 above and as a result, got very good at positioning my product called ‘The Party Experience” as something of great value in the eyes of my hosts.

So now I’d love to hear from you:-

What are you currently doing that is working when it comes to reducing the amount of postponements and cancellations you get in your business?

I’d love to hear your comments, so go ahead and share your thoughts in the section below.

Until next time – happy partying!
Lyndsey xo

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  1. I do not like to do parties. A couple weeks ago I had a party booked with 2 people. I spoke with the girl at least 3 times leading to the date of her skincare. The morning of the appointment I called, her sister answered the phone. She said that the hostess was in the shower. I told her I was coming. When I got to the address, it was an apartment. I called and no one answered. I waited for about 15 to 20 min., but no one came out or called to say I changed my mind. This was discouraging because I dropped everything to go give service to the potential customer. Since that date I have not scheduled any skincare class. It really turned me off.

  2. Thanks Lyndsey for once again being a beacon of awesomness!

    I’ve been offering addtional bonuses for the ladies who book in November/Dec, but ensuring that the bonuses will only happen on the selected date they have chosen. This means if they postpone or cancel they’ve basically lost money….Nobody likes loosing or wasting money. I’ll also be using these bonuses as a easy way to purchase for family and friends over the Christmas period :)

    Happy Partying!

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