How To Get More Day Time Bookings

I recently posted a comment on my Facebook community page Party Plan Revolution inviting everyone to share any challenges or problems they were incurring in their business, so that together, we could find solutions.   We received lots of questions which I’ll be answering over the coming episodes of Party Plan TV.

The question that has prompted today’s episode comes from Vonnie.   We appreciated your question so thanks for taking the time to share it!

Vonnie’s question is … How do you transition from doing night time parties to day time parties?   Great question Vonnie!!

There are three things to consider if you want more people to book parties during the day.

  1. Positioning
  2. Reward
  3. Referral

Check out this weeks episode of the show to gain insights into how focusing on these three things will set you up to win!

Sharing our experiences with love and respect supports us all to grow collectively.

So I’m curious …

Have you made the transition from doing night parties to day parties?

How did you do it?  What strategies did you implement that supported you to make the shift?

Please share in the comments section below.

As always, I appreciate you watching, reading and listening.

With Gratitude
Lyndsey xo

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  1. One idea to increase the number of day time parties that you do during the week is to offer “Office Parties” to people.
    If a host can’t drag her work mates away from their desks, take the party to them!
    I have actually hosted a party of my own with another company at my work place – and found this eliminated the “I can’t make it” excuse.
    Some of the advantages of this are – no one has to go anywhere, as a Host you won’t have to think about a venue or generally do any cleaning up – you just need to pick a time.
    You can do these either at lunch time or also straight after work?
    Lunch times are great as you know exactly how long you are going to be there – and generally you will do a watered down version of your usual presentation due to time constraints.
    Arrange the party to fall on pay-day or pay week and you will find your sales are generally better. Hostess gifts can go to the host – but they could also be used at the business (think tea towels – hand towels etc). They can also be donated to the work social club or charity to raffle, or used as staff incentives.
    Hope that gives you another alternative.
    I have a friend in QLD who does party plan and half of her parties are actually day time week day parties – so I guess it’s what we get used to booking :-)

    1. Take the party to the people…that’s the spirit Johanna. Taking the party outside of the home has many advantages. Love it!

  2. I don’t party plan so much these days but having been in direct selling and MLM for over 20 years I can say that offering Saturday afternoons has always worked very well with sometimes 2 in an afternoon if there was not too much travel time between venues required. I “sold” the idea to people by suggesting that on Saturday afternoon, with a little forward planning, it can be “girls afternoon out”. (This also worked well for me being a Mum!) Usually the kids Saturday morning sport is over, chores are done or can be moved to another time slot occasionally when an “afternoon off” is the incentive and Hubby can be coaxed/pursuaded into being on kids duty for a few hours so you can enjoy some girl therapy with your friends. (Most men respond favorably to the comment that there will be a bunch of free goodies as a bonus for being Hostess.) These ideas also work for enabling the guest girlfriends to organize their families to be able to have the afternoon off. For single parent families they can arrange it on a weekend when it’s Dad’s time to have the kids or I had some single Mum’s who helped each other or had a friend help by having the kids this time and returning the compliment for the next party. Mostly it’s just helping people with suggestions to make it an easy and attractive option for them and you will get the bookings you want, when you want them. Bringing a friend with you to look after small children during your presentation on a week day also works…you can either pay her/him with cash or product or maybe your Hostesses Mum would be happy to help out…just get your problem solving skills going to help make the choice easy for your prospective Hosts. I wish you all a fulfilling and prosperous future in this fun industry.

    1. Thanks for sharing Elle. Afternoon parties on the weekend are certainly very popular. Great opportunity for the girls to get together for sure.

  3. I have tried to transition to day time bookings, but most of my very best customers work full time. Guess I really need to build up that bank of non-working hostesses or people who only work part time.

    1. Sometimes the time comes when we need to move outside of our existing customer base to make the transition from night time parties to day time parties. Depending on what product line you sell, perhaps you could invite people to book parties at work. I did heaps of these and they were super successful. Most were held during the lunch break with the occasional one being held after work. Perhaps this may be an option for you?

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