LyndseyBaigentHeadShotHi I’m Lyndsey Baigent, Founder of Party Plan Revolution and Host of Party Plan TV the place to be to learn innovative ideas to create a Party Plan business you love.

Chances are if you’re here right now you are like most Party Planners who start their business as a way to create a better life for themselves and their families.  While starting a party plan business sounds easy, getting bookings can sometimes be a little more challenging than people first think.   So if you’ve hit a bit of a slump and you’re struggling to get the number of bookings you want in your calendar, you are in the right place!

For more than a decade I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of Party Planners from a variety of companies, countries and backgrounds and the one question I get asked more than any other is:

MoneyQuestionMarkHow do I get more bookings?

So a few months ago I decided to take my one-day event “How To Triple Your Bookings In 90 Days And Make More Money In Party Plan” on the road.  Events were sold out around the country with many attendees tripling their bookings within days of attending the event.

I’m passionate about our industry and totally committed to helping as many people as I can succeed.  So, I’ve decided to take the highlights of the amazing event and create a Free Video Series so that you and other Party Planners around the world can enjoy the success they deserve in their business.

Its called…

“How To Triple Your Bookings In 90 Days – Free Video Series”

By registering for this free video series you’ll end your struggle for bookings by …

  • Getting a Deeper Understanding Of The Power Of Your MindWith the help of two little colourful characters I call the Party Queen and the Party Pooper, you’ll get to see first hand whether your thoughts support your struggle or success and what you can do to turn things around!
  • Discovering Your Why.  Now when I’m talking about your “WHY” I’m not talking about paying off your credit card debt, sending your kids through college, or travelling the world.  Whilst these are important, the way I see it is these things are more like goals.When I talk about finding your why, I mean finding your life’s purpose, the reason you are here on this planet, so that every morning when you wake up you feel vibrant and alive eager to embrace another day.When you sign up for this free video series, you’ll be amongst the first to use “My Why Finder”, a product I’ve created exclusively for you so you can quickly and easily find your why.  It’s an extremely powerful tool and you will be amongst the first to use it.
  • Learning How To Book Multiple Parties From Parties.  Its common in our industry for people to feel they have bookings nailed when they get one or two bookings at their parties.Now don’t get me wrong two bookings is awesome if there are only two people at the party.  I mean its 100% conversion and you can’t ask for better than that…right?But what say you’ve got 10 people at a party and get 2 bookings.  Whilst it’s better than not getting bookings, I’m going to play the devils advocate here and ask what happened to the other 8 bookings?Right now many of my clients are regularly enjoying a 100% conversion rate of guests into bookings at their parties.   Just imagine the difference getting 4,5,6 or even 7 party bookings from a party would make to your cash flow and to the growth of your business.
  • Discovering How To Generate bookings from scratch so that if you have absolutely no bookings in your calendar you’ll be able to get some momentum happening and happening fast!

Christmas is just around the corner and irrespective of what results you’ve had so far in your business, its your chance to ramp up your profits.  I’m going to show you how you can do it right here in my free Triple Your Bookings Video series.

Special Bonus When You Register Now …

There are five videos in total and they will be released over a period of a week starting on Monday 26th August.

Now I know for the early birds who register now there’s going to be a short wait for the videos.  So to reward you for your patience, I’ve got an awesome bonus that is guaranteed to start building your booking momentum right now!

It’s what I call my “Mega Party Strategy” and it’s been responsible for helping many party planners experience explosive growth not just in their bookings but in their sales and recruiting as well.

Here’s what action taker Pennie Wilson had to say about the Mega Party when she first learned about it at one of my events a couple of years ago …

Pennie WilsonAs a leader I’m always looking for new ways to help my team generate bookings and boost their sales.  I recently attended one of Lyndsey’s training sessions where she shared an effective way to achieve these things on mass.

The end result saw over $11,000 in paid sales and nearly 40 parties booked to kick start my team in the New Year.  While Party Planners were winding down in December we were ramping it up.  Thanks Lyndsey for helping us finish the year with a bang!   Pennie Wilson – UCW

Now while that is really cool what is even better is that just the other day I received an update email from Pennie to let me know that her team has taken out the Top International Sales Award two years running.  She attributes this to my “Mega Party” strategy.

So if you want to experience explosive growth in your business just like Pennie and many others who have learned the strategies through my live events, then enter your name and email address in the space below.

See you on the other side!

With Gratitude
Lyndsey xo