This is the webinar sales page.

The form at the bottom of the page is in the Infusionsoft Campaign PPR Webinar.  People who sign up here will be added to that campaign and will receive the 3 email series within that campaign.

You need to replace all of this text with your own sales copy.

And also edit the child page webinar/thank-you with whatever thank you wording you want.

Then log in to Infusionsoft and edit the PPR Webinar campaign:-

  1. add whatever text you want into each of the 3 emails and set each to Ready (instead of Draft)
  2. set the 2 timers to the gap you want.  (The first email will go out as soon as they sign up)
  3. Publish all of the changes to the campaign, to make them live

I hope this is what you meant.  Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood!

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