Feeling Overwhelmed By The Size Of Your To Do List?

Like many of you I’m a busy soul with lots of balls in the air and heaps of things on my ‘To Do List’. Today I thought I’d share my strategy for working through the list to ensure maximum productivity is achieved.

Put simply when I look at my to do list I decide what I need to DELETE, DO NOW, DELEGATE or DELAY.

As I look at my list I ask myself …

Will taking this action help to bring my vision to life?
Will actioning this task move me toward achieving my goals?

If the answer to these questions is NO then more often than not I DELETE it from the list.

The next question I ask myself is …

What can I DO NOW that will have the biggest impact in bringing my vision to life and move me toward my goals and dreams?

Once I’ve identified what these things are they become a priority.

I then look to see what I can DELEGATE to others.

Whether it’s hiring a cleaner, someone to wash the car, take care of your data entry, or an element of your admin, learning to delegate frees you up to do things that only you can do. Whilst there may be a cost to delegate you’ll find that if you focus on income producing tasks during this time that you’ll generate more money than you spend on your hired help. Do it now activities can also be delegated to someone. Just because something needs to be done now doesn’t mean it needs to be done by you.

Next identify what you can DELAY.

Now this is a tricky one because it’s easy to delay things that are important especially if it’s an activity that you don’t really like doing. So be sure to keep a watchful eye out if you tend to do this. The way I decide what I will delay is by asking myself the question … If I choose to delay this task what will the effect be on my business? If there is a negative impact then I choose to DO IT NOW!

So now I’m curious to learn from you.
How do you manage your To Do List so you don’t hit overwhelm and get stuff done?
Please share in the comments sections below so we can learn and grow together.
Lyndsey xo

Feeling Overwhelmed By The Size Of Your To Do List?

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  1. Most of the time before bed I put down my 6 main things! However, if you find you can’t sleep, get paper n pen and just write random things that pop into yr mind. They could be silly like must remember to put bin out for collection. Keep writing until you can’t think of anything else, this will clear the subconscious mind, for peaceful sleep. Now place into 3 categories, Important, within the coming wk and miscellaneous, which can be done within the coming mth. In each list number them in order of priority. Hope this helps

  2. I have found that adding your schedule to the fridge door helped me a lot – your family are less likely to distract you from your tasks as they know when you are busy and what you are doing. This may even result in help being offered too when life becomes chaotic. This way the family work around you, instead of you around them. Your time becomes valued by others and you can achieve much more as you have committed to this schedule and you are accountable to yourself as well. If you are over the question “whats for dinner” put this on the weekly schedule too with a roster for who cooks that night!

  3. I have a back up plan that I developed in a less busy time to deal with the more chaotic times. The wheels fall off even the most organised system occasionally and for my peace of mind I need a fall-back position while I sort out what to do. With age I am also learning to say No a lot more effectively than I used to and this really helps me keep control of my diary.

    1. Learning to say NO is a huge learning curve for many Meg. Certainly stops unnecessary things appearing on the to do list!

  4. Maybe I need to make the list first…..I usually have it in my head.

    How can I delegate running after demanding parents???

    Thank you Lyndsey you are always inspirational…..

    1. Getting the list out of your head and onto paper is definitely a good start. It can be tempting to keep it in your head but my experience of doing that resulted in a lot of hair pulling moments!

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