Ever Felt Jealous Of Someone’s Success?

Have you ever been discarded or pushed aside by a manager or team member who is jealous of your success?  Have you ever felt jealous of someone’s success or have you ever compared your success to the success of others?

Today’s show has been prompted by a FB message I received recently from a passionate party planner who recently found themselves in a rather awkward position.

They write:-

Hi Lyndsey, I’m wondering if you can assist with a rather tricky situation. My business is doing really well but I have a feeling that my up line has become jealous of my success. We used to connect on a very regular basis but now that my sales and recruiting figures are higher than theirs they no longer initiate contact with me. When I’ve approached them about it their response was “you know where to find me”.   On the odd time when we do communicate the focus of the call is on going me back- handed compliments like “Congratulations on getting the highest sales for our team, that’s pretty bad, I’m the team leader, mine should have been higher”. I’m no longer invited to team meetings or events and I’m getting feedback from other members of the team that up line is running me down to others.    Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.

So what do you do when you feel jealous of someone or you know someone is jealous of you?

You’ll find my top three tips on this weeks episode of the show and some personal examples of how I handle my own jealousy when it arises.

So now I’m curious –

Have you ever experienced feelings of jealousy yourself, if so how did you handle it?
Have you ever been in the company of someone who has been jealous? How did you respond?

I’d love to hear from you so please share in the section below.

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Until next time – happy partying!

Lyndsey xo


Ever Felt Jealous Of Someone’s Success?

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