Does The Fear Of The Phone Really Exist?

For years I’ve heard many Party Planners say that the reason they fail to call their customers is because they are fearful of the phone.

Today I’m curious to explore this topic with you to see if this fear is really as prevalent in our industry as we’re led to believe or whether there is something else going on here!

So just to get a handle on what “fear of the phone really is” I did a bit of a google search and its real term is “Phone Phobia”.  There are two distinct things that happen when people have Phone Phobia and that is they have a fear of making phone calls, usually not just to their customers but to everyone and a fear of receiving phone calls.

From what I see around me, Party Planners have no problem receiving calls and for the most part only struggle making calls to certain people, usually their customers.

In this episode of Party Plan TV, I share what I believe people are really fearful of and how to condition yourself to get the confidence you need to make the calls!!!

Sharing our experiences with love and respect supports us all to grow collectively.

So I’m curious …

Can you relate to what I shared in this weeks episode?

If you have previously told yourself that you are fearful of the phone and I was to give you the list of people’s names and numbers as described in the episode, would you make the calls?

Please share in the comments section below.

As always, I appreciate you watching, reading and listening.

With Gratitude
Lyndsey xo

Does The Fear Of The Phone Really Exist?

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  1. Thank you for giving more light on this. I came to this realization, some what when I had a party over an hours drive away. I was very nervous about going, on freeways and where I’d never been. Alas the hostess had NO One show. I left feeling frustrated and wondering why. (yes I had coached) I came to the conclusion it wasn’t about the party at all but me. My growth my willingness and my commitment. How can you be a leader and be able to say yes you can pick yourself up, I’ve been there without experiencing it. So the FEAR of the uncertainty is and Has been BIG for me. WORKING on it. G

  2. Hi Lyndsey,

    Thank you for this clip. I believe it is a fear of uncertainty not the phone and sometimes the fear of the word no, realising it is no thanks to the product not to you personally. Wanting to sound professional and know why I called and not stumble on my words.

    Your comment below about past customers is great I will give this a go. Yes if I had a list of people to call I will make the calls.

    Thanks for inspiring!

    1. I’m so pleased you found this of value you Inga. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to hearing how you go making your calls xo

  3. Thanks for shining some light on this topic! It’s something I came to realise a few months ago when we worked through the 6 Human Needs and I recognised that I am often a big procrastinator (which my husband reminds me of often) when it comes to calling people because I’m unsure of the outcome. Now I know for sure it is because of my fear of Uncertainty. I’m now making a conscious effort not to think too long about the possible outcomes and just get on with it!

    1. Dear Lyndsey ,
      I am definarely fearful to call past customers. I don’t know where to start the
      Conversation. What key sentences would you start with?
      Thank you,

      1. Thanks for sharing Trudy understanding Tony Robbins model of the Six Human Needs definitely sheds some light on things. So pleased you were able to identify this in yourself and do what’s necessary to keep moving forward. Good for you.

      2. When you say you are fearful of calling past customers Christine, what specifically is it that you are afraid of? When it comes to knowing what to say that all depends on the type of the call you are making. I just did a group coaching call last night with members of my Triple Your Bookings programme on this exact topic and more specifically what to say when you haven’t called your customers for a while. I find that its easiest just to be honest. If you haven’t called them for a while when you call say something like … Hi Jenny its Christine from ABC Party Plan company I apologise for not having called you for some time, I don’t know about you but the time just seems to fly by so quickly these days. Last time we spoke, you were really excited about using our ………… to get rid of ……………. or to help with ………………… today I just thought I’d give you a call to see how you have found them. Trust that will give you a place to start.

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