Ever Felt Jealous Of Someone’s Success?

Have you ever been discarded or pushed aside by a manager or team member who is jealous of your success?  Have you ever felt jealous of someone’s success or have you ever compared your success to the success of others?

Today’s show has been prompted by a FB message I received recently from a passionate party planner who recently found themselves in a rather awkward position.

They write:-

Hi Lyndsey, I’m wondering if you can assist with a rather tricky situation. My business is doing really well but I have a feeling that my up line has become jealous of my success. We used to connect on a very regular basis but now that my sales and recruiting figures are higher than theirs they no longer initiate contact with me. When I’ve approached them about it their response was “you know where to find me”.   On the odd time when we do communicate the focus of the call is on going me back- handed compliments like “Congratulations on getting the highest sales for our team, that’s pretty bad, I’m the team leader, mine should have been higher”. I’m no longer invited to team meetings or events and I’m getting feedback from other members of the team that up line is running me down to others.    Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.

So what do you do when you feel jealous of someone or you know someone is jealous of you?

You’ll find my top three tips on this weeks episode of the show and some personal examples of how I handle my own jealousy when it arises.
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Action Alone Won’t Fill Your Calendar

Do you feel as though you’ve taken a tonne of action in your Party Plan business, you’ve implemented what you’ve been taught at your company trainings, put into practice what you’ve heard on tele-seminars, read in books and seen on webinars but you still can’t seem to end your struggle for bookings?

Having worked in the field as a Party Plan Consultant myself, I know there’s nothing more frustrating than taking a tonne of action in your business and not getting the results you want, especially when you see people around you doing the same stuff and making it work!

I’ve been there and I know it sucks big time!

Here’s the thing …

In Party Plan we’re taught that action is the key to our success.  But I’ve gotta say – I’m not so sure.

If I had a dollar for every time someone had come to me over the years and said “I’ve done everything that my upline has told me to do or I’ve done everything that I’ve been taught at  my company training but I still can’t get any bookings” – I’d be a squillionaire!

As a result I’ve come to appreciate that whilst action is definitely an important aspect of your business, action alone won’t fill your calendar.

So if action alone won’t fill your calendar – the question then becomes what will?

All is revealed on this weeks episode of Party Plan TV.

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If You Struggle With Consistency – Watch This


Have you ever sent a newsletter to your customers for a short period and then for whatever reason found it all too difficult to continue and stopped?

Have you ever started a Facebook page or group, had big plans on being a regular source of inspiration to your customers or team, only to find yourself struggling to make a post once a week let alone every day.

What about a blog, have you ever started a blog to share tips and hints for your customers or perhaps for you team then shelved it after only a few weeks?

If you have don’t sweat it, you are definitely not on your own.    In fact the very reason I’m having to relaunch the show is because I failed big time when it came to consistency.  Whilst it didn’t feel too good at the time, the lessons were priceless and are the focus of this week’s episode of the show.

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Does The Fear Of The Phone Really Exist?

For years I’ve heard many Party Planners say that the reason they fail to call their customers is because they are fearful of the phone.

Today I’m curious to explore this topic with you to see if this fear is really as prevalent in our industry as we’re led to believe or whether there is something else going on here!

So just to get a handle on what “fear of the phone really is” I did a bit of a google search and its real term is “Phone Phobia”.  There are two distinct things that happen when people have Phone Phobia and that is they have a fear of making phone calls, usually not just to their customers but to everyone and a fear of receiving phone calls.

From what I see around me, Party Planners have no problem receiving calls and for the most part only struggle making calls to certain people, usually their customers.

In this episode of Party Plan TV, I share what I believe people are really fearful of and how to condition yourself to get the confidence you need to make the calls!!! Keep reading…

Is It True: Bookings Are The Foundation Of Your Business?

Have you ever heard someone say …

“Bookings are the foundation of your business in Party Plan?

When I was working as a Consultant I heard this saying and many more  like it being shared often.  I’m sure I’ve even said it myself without really considering the consequences.

Then about 6 months ago,  I began to really question what we have become conditioned to believe as truth within the Party Plan industry.

What I’ve come to realise is …

Believing that bookings are the foundation of your business OR bookings are the lifeblood of your business OR without bookings you have no business does nothing more than create a sense of desperation and fear causing you to struggle even more to get bookings!

Curious to know why … check out this week’s episode of Party Plan TV.

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