Conquering challenges

I never used to like running but I have to admit it’s growing on me.

Some days it’s a breeze and some days it hurts like hell.

For me, running isn’t just a workout for my physical body … it’s a work out for my mind as well.

Take today for example.

It was cold, I’ve had a big week and the temptation to remain snuggled under the blankets was high.

Sure I could succumb to the voices in my head telling me it’s the best option …   but would that serve me?

My answer … not today.

So leapt out of bed, threw my shoes on and headed outside. I paused for a moment to take in the beauty of the sunrise then hit the road.

The route is challenging.  Having taken it many times before I know what to expect.

Sometimes this can be a good thing … sometimes not so good.

Walking out my front gate I knew I was about to face the first of many uphill climbs.

As I stood at the bottom of the first hill I thought about what lay ahead for me that day in my business.

Frankly … that hill looked a lot like my day … potentially very challenging.

Standing at the bottom of the hill I figured I had three choices.

#1 … I could avoid the climb altogether and try and find an easier route.

#2 … I could turn on my heels and head home.

#3 … I could put my best foot forward and climb the hill.

I’m pleased to say that today I chose to put my best foot forward and climb the hill.

Was it easy?

Nope … it was damn hard work.

But I stuck with it because I knew that by climbing that hill I’d set myself up to conquer some other challenges.

I’m pleased to say … it’s coming up for midday and it’s mission accomplished for me.

Today I feel victorious.

I feel victorious because I did what needed to be done.

I looked the challenge in the eye and got it handled.

Gosh it feels good.

I think it’s time to crank up the music and enjoy a celebratory happy dance.

Don’t mind if I do.

I’m so pleased that today I embraced what I know.

That is …

Choosing to avoid a challenge won’t make it go away.

More often than not … it prolongs the pain and makes things worse.

So I’m curious …

When you face a challenge in your business or life what do you choose?

Do you avoid it, run from it or embrace it?

Do you choose something like exercise to remind you of your true strength?

How do you get yourself to take on the challenge?

I’d love to know what your strategy is, so be sure to share in the comments section below so we can continue to learn and grow together.

Lyndsey xo


How To Stop Procrastinating

It’s been my observation that procrastination kills business growth for many Direct Sellers and if left unchecked eventually robs them of of their dreams.

So how can you stop it?

Brian Tracey, author of Eat That Frog, recommends a way to overcome procrastination is to do difficult tasks first.

This action he refers to as … eating that frog.

For me one of the frogs I choose to eat every morning is not directly business related but as it stops procrastination in it’s tracks I embrace it.

It’s … exercise … in particular running.

Even though I don’t always love it, I do it for the following three reasons.

#1 – It’s good for me

Sometimes things that are good for you don’t feel good.  It’s what Tony Robbins calls a ‘Class Two Experience’ … that is … it doesn’t feel good BUT it is good for you.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to experience the pleasure that comes from feeling good instead of the satisfaction that comes from feeling good about yourself.  Small distinction … huge difference!

#2 – It moves me from my head to my body

As a creative person, visualising how I want my life to look is easy and it feels good.  The problem is … because it feels good, it’s easy to use it as a form of procrastination.  The best way I’ve found to  ensure this doesn’t happen is to get up in the morning and go for a run.

#3 – It’s a workout for my mind

Within one hundred metres of my front door is a huge hill … so not only do I get my body moving … I get my mind into gear as well.  Sometimes knowing what lies in front of us can be a good thing, sometimes not so good.

Each morning as I approach the hill (sometimes even before I leave my front gate) I have to work at keeping my experiences of the past separate from my experience of the present.  I need to remind myself that because it hurt yesterday doesn’t mean it will hurt today.  Consciously working my mind in this way each morning sets me up to win when challenges arise in my business.

What I know for sure is …

When I stand triumphantly at the top of the hill, I am reminded of how strong, capable and resilient I am … it’s remembering this truth each morning that helps me to face my fears and take the necessary action to turn my dreams into reality.

So I’m curious …

What strategies do you use to stop yourself from procrastinating?

I’d love to know your secrets.

Please take a moment to share in the comments section below so we may continue to learn and grow together.

Lyndsey x


Are you concerned about being perceived as pushy?

Whether you like to think of yourself as a pushy sales person or not … chances are you’ve already been one.

I know this thought may cause you to squirm a little BUT I can share from personal experience it’s true … at least for me anyway!

It’s been my observation that as humans we’re constantly selling.

I don’t mean in a business sense where a product or service is exchanged for money.

I mean … we’re selling our ideas, beliefs, thoughts, dreams and choices in general conversations we have with people every day.

Sometimes we do it gracefully and elegantly … I’m thinking Grace Kelly here … and sometimes we’re down right pushy as we strive to sell our message.

Here’s what I’m talking about …

Has there ever been a time, when you, or someone you know, has lost their cool while selling an idea or concept to a child.

Maybe it’s happened at dinner time when the kids have refused to eat the beautiful meal you’ve spent hours preparing.

Maybe it’s happened when they’ve come home from school and left their bag at the front door … that’s when Grace sometimes leaves me and the pushy saleswoman infiltrates my body.

Or maybe it’s happened as you do your best to sell the importance of doing homework!

Can you relate?

What about with your spouse or partner …

Have you ever been selling your ideas on the best house, holiday destination or car to buy. You’ve struggled to get your message across and as a result you’ve become a little pushy?

What about how you both spend money in general?

I know for some people that’s a conversation where things can get a little heated as both parties go head to head selling what they believe to be the best plan.

You may even notice that objections arise in these types of conversation too?

But we’ll save discussing that topic for another day.

Personally …

I believe the energy that flows through your body when you’re PASSIONATE about what you do can sometimes be mistaken by others as being PUSHY.

So accept that it some people may perceive you as being pushy. You have no control over what other people think … so don’t waste your precious energy trying to control it.

Got any thoughts on the topic?

I’d love to hear them so that we may continue to learn and grow to share together … so be sure to share them in the comments section below.

Lyndsey xo

What do you do when fear comes knocking?

I began my journey of self-awareness in 2003. It was the year that I made the decision to quit my addiction to gambling. I needed to do something to get my life back on track and becoming more self-aware seemed like a good place to start.

I remember in the early days I thought self-awareness was a place I’d get to, a destination of sorts. Thirteen years on and I’ve realised it’s more like an ever evolving journey filled with lots of unexpected twists and turns. It’s as challenging as it is rewarding and in my humble opinion, a path worthy of your commitment if you want to turn your dreams into your reality.

Some days I feel I’ve got it nailed and other days I feel like I’m on my training wheels. Such is the journey of self-awareness.

Although I’m no longer in the field doing parties, I’m still running a business and there are days when I avoid taking action that I know will move me in the direction of my dreams.


Fear! Yep … like many of you, I have these moments too!

So how do you quickly move through these moments of fear and into action?

You can take a leaf out of Nike’s book and just do it.
You can take a Susan Jeffers stance and feel the fear and do it anyway.

Frankly, both of these are great options and ones that I use frequently. Having said that, if you want to dissolve fear, self-awareness is the key. You see, what I’ve come to learn is that fear is unlikely to be a result of what’s happening in the moment. It’s usually a result of focusing on a future that hasn’t happened yet or a past that has been and gone.

It’s those ‘WHAT IF I do this and this happens’ thoughts’ or ‘LAST TIME I did that and this happened’ thoughts.

Although it’s a little crazy, it’s what we sometimes do in our moments of unawareness.

The great news is, when you can see that your fear is being fuelled by WHAT IF’s and LAST TIMES and there is nothing to fear in the present moment, your fear dissolves and you can spring joyfully back into action.

So now I’d love to learn from you.

How do you dissolve fear and get back into action?

Please share in the comments section below so we may continue to learn and grow together.
Lyndsey xo

Feeling Overwhelmed By The Size Of Your To Do List?

Like many of you I’m a busy soul with lots of balls in the air and heaps of things on my ‘To Do List’. Today I thought I’d share my strategy for working through the list to ensure maximum productivity is achieved.

Put simply when I look at my to do list I decide what I need to DELETE, DO NOW, DELEGATE or DELAY.

As I look at my list I ask myself …

Will taking this action help to bring my vision to life?
Will actioning this task move me toward achieving my goals?

If the answer to these questions is NO then more often than not I DELETE it from the list.

The next question I ask myself is …

What can I DO NOW that will have the biggest impact in bringing my vision to life and move me toward my goals and dreams?

Once I’ve identified what these things are they become a priority.

I then look to see what I can DELEGATE to others.

Whether it’s hiring a cleaner, someone to wash the car, take care of your data entry, or an element of your admin, learning to delegate frees you up to do things that only you can do. Whilst there may be a cost to delegate you’ll find that if you focus on income producing tasks during this time that you’ll generate more money than you spend on your hired help. Do it now activities can also be delegated to someone. Just because something needs to be done now doesn’t mean it needs to be done by you.

Next identify what you can DELAY.

Now this is a tricky one because it’s easy to delay things that are important especially if it’s an activity that you don’t really like doing. So be sure to keep a watchful eye out if you tend to do this. The way I decide what I will delay is by asking myself the question … If I choose to delay this task what will the effect be on my business? If there is a negative impact then I choose to DO IT NOW!

So now I’m curious to learn from you.
How do you manage your To Do List so you don’t hit overwhelm and get stuff done?
Please share in the comments sections below so we can learn and grow together.
Lyndsey xo